Darkness is my world I live in

Caught in the woods

I was running fast, through the trees, being scratched by the bushes, my feet sore and hurting, but I couldn't stop.  I could hear him behind me, getting closer and closer. And my heart was pounding so hard I could feel it in the back of my throat. 

I stumbled with a hidden root and I fell to the floor with a muffled cry and a second later, he was on top of me, his broad body pinning me to the ground, one hand pushing my head down, showing me his power over me. He didn't waste one more second, and he flipped me, straddled me and his hands trashed my top, ripping it into rags, and using it to tie my hands tight, in front of me, totally ignoring my screams, my struggles and my kicks.

He got up, threw me over his shoulder and carried me through the woods, going deeper in, away from any trail or any possible interference.

I kept screaming, and squirming, until his hand landed hard over my ass cheeks, followed by the threat.

"Cut it off, or you'll regret it!" his voice was harsh and muffled by the black balaclava he was wearing.

I went silent and still, deciding I should regain strength for the right moment, when I would be able to escape.

He reached a clearing in the woods and threw me hard to the floor, expelling all the air from my lungs. A second later he was securing my tied hands to a rope already attached to a tree trunk, stretched over my head.

When I realized he had the place prepared, I saw all possibilities of escaping being killed right there and then, and desperation made me resume my struggle against him.

His hard hand crossed my face, violently, leaving me sobbing and crying, while he finished tying my ankles, wide opened, to the other ropes he had displayed.

Then he grabbed a scary knife from the floor and started to cut off my shorts and panties. He grabbed the remains of my panties, and with his eyes locked in mine, he took them slowly to his nose, inhaling deep the sweet perfume of my arousal.

He gave me an evilly grin as he leaned forward and pushed the panties in my mouth, as deep as he could, to prevent me from spitting them out.

With the knife he cut a last piece of clothes, my bra, leaving me there, naked, vulnerable and exposed to him.

He slipped backwards a bit, staying over my hips, and then his hands moved to this belt, and he slowly unbuckled it and slid it out of his jeans.

My eyes followed every move he made, while my heart raced frantically in my chest and fear and expectation installed themselves in me.

He folded the black leather belt in two and the first blow fell neatly across my breasts. The sharp pain ran through all my body, making me whimper and sob through the gag.

I hadn't recovered from the first one and next one was already landing in the same spot. One after another, one harder than the other,the blows fell over my entire torso, leaving the red welts as silent witnesses of the pain.

When I was a trembling mass, heaving and sobbing underneath him, he dropped the belt, grabbed the knife and cut the ropes that restrained her ankles, got off of me, flipped me and raised my hips, opening wide my thighs.

His hands crumpled my ass cheeks as he approach his face to my dripping slit. His tongue licked some of it as he grunted his pleasure.

A few moments later I could feel the top of his head poking my entrance and then in one hard thrust he was buried deep inside me, driving me through the last few steps to reach the edge and throw me right in the middle of the fantastic waves of the sweetest and wildest pleasure I've ever experienced.

He leaned over my back, got a strong grip of my neck and with powerful thrusts he joined me in my pleasure and flooded my very core of his essence.

We stayed like this for a few moments while our breaths recovered.

He reached for the knife and cut me loose, and then he helped me spit out my gag and removed his balaclava.

He lay on the floor, resting my head on his chest, and caressed my hair gently.

"Was I up to your expectations, pet?" he asked, not really needing to hear the answer.

"Yes, Master, you went way beyond them! Another dream comes true!" I answered, smiling meekly, still shaking from the whole experience.